The time has come to keep up with us!


We can finally fully commit to this part of our web site. These posts will be a great way to show you an overview of all news regarding our web site, our services, and changes in our legal documents. But, “KEEP UP“ is much more than that, think of it as improved newspapers, bringing you the most important political, economic, law, technology etc. news.


We can all agree that start of this summer has been nothing but totally filled with crazy news – business wise and public wise.


First of all - we wanted to start of this “KEEP UP” July post with some great news! As we already shared with you via social media – our team got bigger and we were so happy to announce that news.

Today's modern and fast pace has switch us all to social media networks and digital world. They allow us to find out all the necessary information as soon as possible and at the same time get in touch with everybody incredibly quickly and easily.

Because of that we’ve added Social Media Manager and Content Creator from the DBAQ company to our team, so our communication with all of you will be that much easier.


Now, when we covered the good part of this story – we can come back to the real world. Last few months we are living in something we’re calling “a new normal”.

COVID-19 has changed our routines and turned our business world upside down. We wrote a several times about how did Coronavirus affected everyone and we wanted to know how much did the appearance of the virus affected your business routine?

The interesting part is – are we now more active, affective, focused and up to date or it’s other way around?


Regardless to the pandemic, we didn't forget to promote and appreciate everything good in this world.

On July 11th we celebrated World Population Day. We think it's so important to seek and focus on the urgency and importance of population issues.

International days are here to remind us how important is to educate the public about the issues of concern or to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems. Of course they are also here to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity.


On July 15th we marked World Youth Skilled Day.

On first it sounds like something which is not that important, but we can all agree there is nothing better than to see young and skilled people who are doing everything they can to make a better future for all of us.

World has a big problem with youth unemployment and it is one of the most significant problems facing economies and societies, for developed and developing countries alike. So we took some time to remind ourselves and fellow colleagues of importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship. We like to think of Armatus Prudentia ltd as a firm appreciating young and skilled people, giving everyone an equal chance to learn and grow with us.

We're hoping that you will soon recharge your batteries on vacation and you'll stay tuned for more exciting news!


Till next read!

Your AP team