We never had more interesting and different summer. Corona virus made a few changes, but we still managed to get a few days off to recharge our batteries.

Meanwhile, our social media covered some interesting topics and news in Europe and Croatia.

We always like to look on the bright side, so we are focusing on the good.

Big things happenned in European Union. The European Commission invited European Council to examine the proposals for recovery plan for Europe. There is really very ambitious recovery plan with the EU budget at its heart!

Here is concise version in four steps:

  1. Investment as policy response - The Commission now proposes to deploy a reinforced EU budget to help repair the immediate economic and social damage brought by the coronavirus pandemic, kickstart the recovery and prepare for a better future for the next generation
  2. A Budget for Europe’s future - Investing in a green, digital and resilient Europe
  3. Financing the policy response - financial firepower of €750 billion
  4. There is no time to lose – full timeline till 2027.

Like we already said on social media - it's clear that there is really no time to lose, so it's great that the budget will give the Union the best possible chance to success. EU Commission made the framework and they now have to finalise an agreement with the European Parliament and the Council.

It's important to say there are a few steps ahead till the implementation starts in January 2021:

  1. In May we had Commission’s proposal for the revised Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 & 2021-2027 and Own Resources Decision + sectoral legislation
  2. For the July was planned European Council’s Political agreement on Multiannual Financial Framework 2014 - 2020 & 2021 - 2027 & Own Resources Decision
  3. By the end of the summer we’re waiting European Parliament’s consultation on Own Resources Decision
  4. In early autumn there will be an adoption of the revised Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 + corresponding sectoral legislation
  5. October is saved for European Council
  6. And December is for adoption of the revised Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 & Adoption of the Own Resources Decision

So we can just wait to see the next big step.

August was filled with great days too... One of them always is Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and Day of Croatian Defenders which we had celebrated on 5th of August.

Also, we did remebered and marked International Youth Day. Especially because we love to put out support for the young people.

Today, there is a crucial role that quality education plays in youth development. Of course this development benefits society at large. Do you know that we are living in a world that currently has the largest number of youth population ever? There are 1.8 billion young people.

There is a big concern about the fact that half of all children and adolescents aged between 6 and 14 lack basic reading and math skills, despite the fact that majority of them are attending school.

The positive side of this story is that young people themselves are active champions of inclusive and accessible education.

The United Nations says that youth-led organizations, as well as individual youth, together with various stakeholders and Governments, are concretely transforming education so that it becomes a fundamental tool both for sustainable development and for the full inclusion of various social groups. For example, youth-led organizations are transforming education via lobbying and advocacy, partnerships with educational institutions, the development of complementary training programs, etc.

Now we have to say goodbye to summer and get ready for all the new challenges September has for us!

Stay tuned!

Your AP team