We are officially here, online! We could not be happier to represent ourselves, our services and projects, as well as future plans through our website and social media networks.

On our website, by choosing heading “MEET US”, you can find out more about our story, reasons of founding Armatus Prudentia ltd, goals we want to achieve and connection we would like to have with our clients and business partners. We want to make sure you understand how we handle business challenges and what kind of company we are aiming to be.

By choosing heading “OUR SERVICES”, you can find out more about the services we offer and projects we run. Of course, if you have specific ideas or requirements regarding services you need, feel free to contact us for more information anytime.

Since we want to make sure our website is a place where you can always follow the latest news, learn something new, find contacts for your business, as well as share your own knowledge and experience, we created something special. Our blog “READ AND LEARN” is where you can find short articles written by prominent experts in different fields covering various topics. If you wish to share your knowledge or experience regarding certain topics, feel free to contact us and we can publish your article too! The goal here is to learn, connect and share.

Also, we want to keep you updated regarding news on our website, our services and changes in our legal documents, but also we want to inform you about important daily news on topics such as politics, economy, law, technology, education etc. So, make sure to always check what is new in our section “KEEP UP”. Think of it as improved newspapers, bringing only the important news to you.

In the footer of our website, you can check our important legal documents such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy etc. If you decide to contact us, you can do it by submitting a contact form or by using our contact information listed under the heading “CONTACT”.

You can find our social media profiles on the following platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Follow us and stay updated. We will encourage debates, cooperation and connection between our followers. We will use our social media profiles to reach our ultimate goal of digitalization, globalization and networking.


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