The most important section of our website is definitely our blog “READ AND LEARN”. Since we want to make sure our website is a place where you can always follow the latest news, learn something new, find contacts for your business, as well as share your own knowledge and experience, we created something special. Our blog “READ AND LEARN” is where you can find short articles written by prominent experts in different fields covering various topics.

As a potential author of an article on our blog, you can promote your fields of work and interests, as well as share your experience. As a reader of articles on our blog, you can learn something new, connect with people having the same interests or find business partners with specific knowledge you were looking for.

By now, we have published a few articles regarding different topics, such as market competition (“Brave new world”), IT and intellectual property, compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), robotic process automation (“RPA”) etc. All authors of the articles are highly experienced experts in their fields of activity. We will continue publishing articles, so make sure to check our blog regularly. Working on big projects, it is very important for us to cover all areas of the project and give the best, most comprehensive result. That is why we have a wide support of the most prominent experts from different fields.

We would particularly like to point out the article “Brave new world” written by prof. dr. sc. Mladen Vedris, Full Professor and Chairman of the Chair of Economic Sciences on Law Faculty Zagreb, University of Zagreb.

We are inviting everyone willing to share their knowledge and experience to contact us and we can publish your article too! Let’s work on globalization and networking together!


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