The new WOLF 2.0 Congress is just around the corner, so let’s a take a trip down the memory lane and talk about the WOLF 1.0.

The WOLF Congress brought together ambitious, enterprising and creative people who have built successful careers through their education, experience, sacrifice, risk-taking and dedication. Through conversation and various life examples, the speakers presented to the individuals the doubts, the challenges that came along the way, the decisions that had to be made and the possible consequences that they left.

Visitors were able to hear first-hand interesting, so far undiscovered, details that marked the business paths of more than 30 successful business women, but also men, from various branches of entrepreneurship. Aleksandra Dojčinović, Tatjana Jurić, Ida Prester, Nika Turković, Jadranka Islamović, academician Mirna Šitum, Rina Music, Martiana Džepina, Martina Verović, Anita Letica, Danela Žagar, Milka Kosanović, Petra Jeričević, Josipa Maslać Petričević, Mirna Matković, Luka Abrus, Viktor Zimmermann and Dario Marčac are just some of the 30 names who, in front of the full Kaptol Boutique Cinema hall, during two days, showed and proved by their own example that business can and should be a pleasure.

From all the speakers who arrived on the stage, we got exactly what was needed - it was so personal and human, and at the same time just as professional and motivating. In a special way, WOLF wanted to provide inspiration and show a realistic picture of the business world. All speakers opened the door to their world and let us look at success, but also the challenges, problems or doubts that form an integral part of every person, and this is something that is often forgotten when discussing the business world and success. We must not forget that real life without beautification is the key factor that stands and holds this whole perfect picture of the ideal successful individual.

An interesting classic - panels and interviews, the organizer upgraded with "Pep Talks" as motivational speeches and "Meet Express" as a symbiosis of the first interview and the first date, or direct contact with lecturers and panelists. Each part of the program was "covered" with interesting and strong guest names. For example, in the panels that were divided into topics: "Young and successful", "Entrepreneurship", "Mothers and careers", "Social networks", "Media", "IT sector'') Tatjana Jurić, Ana Radišić, Nika Turković, Rina Musić, Martiana Džepina were guests, among others.

Participants also had the opportunity to attend interviews with the most successful Croatian fashion designer and award-winning entrepreneur Aleksandra Dojčinović and CEO and member of the board of Blitz-CineStar - Jadranka Islamović, which after talks on career development, business ups and downs, were available for questions. Anita Letica, Danela Žagar, Milka Kosanović, Petra Jeričević, Mirna Matković participated in "Pep Talks", short motivational speeches related to career decisions, obstacles, challenges, elections, education, career change.

All of the above was moderated by Barbara Kolar, whose name has also been engraved in the Croatian business scene, as an example of a long and successful career.

Although it seemed almost impossible to connect different business stories of some of the most successful women in Croatia and gather them in one place, the organizers of the first WOLF congress succeeded - DBAQ from Zagreb, under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor and Pensions, Family and Social Affairs. policy, in partnership with the Croatian Employers' Association and CineStar Cinemas.

The whole idea of ​​the project was to move away from the classic, unrealistic and perfect presentation, with great emphasis that despite obstacles, challenges or problems, you can still create your own better tomorrow and work on your dreams.

The congress was only the first step, because the goal of the organizers is to create a whole platform that will allow people in the future to contact successful individuals who will tell their own real business/private story and thus provide wind in the back, motivation or inspiration for their further business steps.

We can’t wait for the WOLF 2.0!

You can find more about WOLF at this link: https://wolf.dbaq.hr/

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