Long time, no see.

Last year was a super crazy exciting and challenging one for us. So, we want to take a second to list all of ours biggest steps and accomplishments.


This one is definitely the first one on the list – a big partnership with a US based partner.

We were extremely happy to announce that Armatus Prudentia entered a new partnership with Trans-Atlantic Market Development. And, of course, we are still very happy and proud about this fact.

Our long-term goal was always to expend our services on other markets outside of the EU, as well as help foreign investors enter the EU and Croatian market. To achieve those goals, we were looking for a partner that we can trust, a partner with great experience and expertise – and we found just that.

Our long-term goal became reality, and we’re still so excited about that. Happy to be a part of all of these great new projects.


Second thing on the 2021 accomplishment list is our AP conference.

Together with the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, Croatian Employers' Association and our USA based business partner Trans-Atlantic Market Development, we organized live and online conference „BRING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE USA“.

We gathered in one place Mr. Mark Fleming, Charge d’ Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, as well as Mr. Mihael Furjan, President of the Croatian Employers' Association, and representatives from two USA states - California and Tennessee. Also, successful Croatian entrepreneurs shared their stories about operating in the USA market.

Lectures will be held by Emir Avdić from the USA company Trans-Atlantic Market Development and Mauro Lukić from the Croatian company Armatus Prudentia d.o.o. who are continuously working together to bring Croatian companies to the USA market.


Third on the list is our office.

We were so exciting about that part. And, we still are.

You already know that we settled down at Wespa spaces.

We still believe that Wespa is “the place to be” for us. They are offering everything you can need or imagine for your place of work.

4. WOLF conference

On the place no. 4 we have the Women of Luminous Future conference which we were a part of.

As one of the panelist in the panel discussion, as one of the sponsors, also as participants.

On WOLF 1.0 we had a chance to listen such an inspiring and motivational short speeches named Pep Talks, panel discussions and interviews. Throughout those two days, everybody shared such an amazing stories on stage. We can’t wait to be there again this year.


Of course, we are eternally grateful for this part. We can say that this part is the most important part of our business.

We want to thank all of our long-term clients for believing and trusting us.

Those kinds of relationship always have the biggest place in our hearts.


So thankful to be able to write this Keep Up.

We can say a big thank you to 2021. We are sure that this year will be even better.

Your AP