Together with the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, Croatian Employers' Association and our USA based business partner Trans-Atlantic Market Development, Armatus Prudentia is organizing live and online conference „BRING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE USA“.

Join us on June 30, 2021, starting at 11:00 am, live at location Wespa Spaces, Zavrtnica 17, Zagreb or join us online and find out how to expand your business to the USA.

Registration form for live participation, as well as other important details regarding the conference such as link through which you can follow the conference online, agenda and more can be found on the following link:

Mr. Mark Fleming, Charge d’ Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, as well as Mr. Mihael Furjan, President of the Croatian Employers' Association will address the participants of the conference.

Lectures will be held by Emir Avdić from the USA company Trans-Atlantic Market Development and Mauro Lukić from the Croatian company Armatus Prudentia d.o.o. who are continuously working together to bring Croatian companies to the USA market.

Successful Croatian entrepreneurs who already operate in the USA market will present and speak at the conference. Matija Žulj, director of AGRIVI d.o.o., and Ivan Jelušić, founder and strategic director of ORQA d.o.o., will share their USA experience with us.

As a special feature of this conference, we emphasize the participation of representatives of two USA states - California and Tennessee, who will highlight the benefits of entering their markets, as well as the benefits they offer to the Croatian companies.

We will also talk about other important topics such as the visa regime and the SelectUSA program.

Be with us on June 30, 2021, at 11 a.m. at Wespa Spaces or online!

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