We can all say something different about this strange December, but everyone in Croatia can agree it was filled with so many challenges. It was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions.

The end of the year and the beginning of the new year are always a perfect time to take a look of how far you’ve come. So, we are going to highlight some parts of this crazy year.

In spite of everything, last year gave us new opportunities, new colleagues and new business partners. In the middle of pandemic and lockdown, our team got bigger and we couldn’t be more happier about that. Of course, we also dedicated our time and resources on education.

In the beginning of the year we’ve been a part of Data Protection Day 2020 Conference, Digital (R)Evolution Conference and EIT Awareness Day.

We’ve also spent time listening interesting lectures at the end of the year when everything was already transferred to online platforms. We have participated in Bird & Bird's webinar focused on the GDPR: „New EDPB Guidelines, New SCCs...Too much on my plate! 60 minutes to digest it all“. 

Also we participated in the Select USA online presentation „How to Start a Business in the USA?“
Constant education is a must for us and we are so happy to learn new information which we can share with our clients.

Of course, we are always proud of our USA based clients so we never miss a chance to grow our knowledge and connections regarding USA market. Our wish is to open the Croatian market to our USA clients and investors and vice versa.

Every year of course has its ups and downs.

The end of last year didn't pass by as easily like we hoped it would, so the whole country got united through the humanitarian work. 

We all have been left heartbroken by the devastating earthquake that hit our Croatia! The 6.4 earthquake that happened at Sisak, Petrinja and surrounding area, has left many people without their homes and some of them even lost their lives. 

Since then we put a lot of effort to provide help to those in need. 

We want to take another chance to share this two verified links trough which you could donate money.

We are hoping that 2021 year will be peaceful and successful.

Be safe, kind & let's help each other!

Stay tuned!

Your AP