June was so excited and full of challenges. This month was definitely focused on “new and brave moves”. Together with the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, Croatian Employers' Association and our USA based business partner Trans-Atlantic Market Development, Armatus Prudentia we organized live and online conference „BRING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE USA“.

Everybody who was interested in expanding their business to the USA market attended the conference live at location Wespa Spaces or online via Zoom.

We gathered on one place Mr. Mark Fleming, Charge d’ Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb as well as Mr. Mihael Furjan, President of the Croatian Employers' Association, who have addressed to the participants of the conference.

Furthermore, the lectures were presented by Emir Avdić from the USA company Trans-Atlantic Market Development and Mauro Lukić from the Croatian company Armatus Prudentia d.o.o. who are continuously working together to bring Croatian companies to the USA market.

With us were also successful Croatian entrepreneurs who already operate in the USA market - Matija Žulj, director of AGRIVI d.o.o., and Ivan Jelušić, founder and strategic director of ORQA d.o.o. We have also talked about the visa regime and the SelectUSA program.

Also, we wanted to give that special feature to this conference so our special guests were from two USA states – Oklahoma and Tennessee.

We were proud and happy with the whole conference and we’re hoping this will be a good start to a new tradition.

Besides the conference, we have been posting about interesting topic like we’re doing through all year.

On 4 June 2021, the European Commission (EC) adopted two sets of standard contractual clauses (SCCs):
-       one for use between controllers and processors and
-       one for the transfer of personal data to third countries.
The new SCCs take into account the Schrems II judgement of the Court of Justice, the joint opinion of the European Data Protection Board and the European Data Protection Supervisor, feedback from stakeholders during a broad public consultation and the opinion of Member States' representatives.
The new SCCs reflect new requirements under the GDPR, as well as address the realities faced by modern business.
The decision on SCCs shall enter into force on the 20th day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the EU.
For controllers and processors that are currently using previous sets of SCCs, a transition period of 18 months is provided. So, make sure to revise the existing transfers of personal data and replace the old SCCs with the new ones during the transition period.
Besides the GDPR news, we shared with you another cool topic – our Read & Learn piece from Iva Lea Aurer “What is Corporate Climate Liability?”

Our new article addressed the question of corporate climate liability in the light of the Milieudefensie v Shell judgment. This question is no longer just a topic of activist discussion or a public issue, importance of corporate climate liability is growing and it should be at the forefront of everyone's attention. You can find the article on the following link:

That’s it for this month, we are now going on “summer mode”, but of course, we are here for all of your questions.

Stay tuned!

Your AP